December 12, 2018

Did you ever think about what kind of education goes into becoming a dental professional? Visiting your periodontist is different from seeing other dental professionals. This is because periodontal training is unique and targets specific treatment, such as gum disease in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. So, why should you choose to visit periodontists like Dr. Tom McCawley and Dr. Mark McCawley? 

They Have Additional Training To Treat Your Teeth

Dental school usually involves four years of education and training, and that is not counting any time spend earning other degrees. Many people may finish dental school and immediately start a general dentistry practice. However, if an individual wishes to become a periodontist, another three years of schooling is required. This time is spent in specialized training for periodontal procedures and treatments, including training with dental implants, planning, advanced gum disease, and root surface debridement.

They Have Access to the Latest Tools and Technology 

These additional years of training also expose periodontists to the latest tools, technologies, and methods for treating patients with complex medical histories and advanced gum troubles. Good professionals will also stay on top of developments in the field and apply the latest effective treatments to their patients. 

They Can Help Restore Your Oral Health 

Most dental professionals are able to help you maintain your oral health, but a periodontist can really get you back on track even when you are suffering from advanced periodontitis. Some treatment options may involve surgical procedures in which periodontists are often thoroughly trained. You might be able to call periodontists specialists in their field, although you do not always need a referral to get an appointment.

Contact Us for an Appointment 

Periodontists do much more than general dentistry. If you are looking for a dental professional to help restore the health of your mouth and treat gum disease in particular, then you want to get an appointment with a periodontist. Contact our office today to schedule your visit with Dr. McCawley.



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