December 28, 2017

Periodontal Treatment - Midlothian, VA - Gum Disease TreatmentNearly half of all Americans age 30 and older have some form of periodontal gum disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This condition is seen in teens, adults and older adults and is tied to increased risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease, making it a public health concern. Dr. Ashlyn Price and Dr. Autumn Mayers, dentists at Allgood Family Dental in Midlothian, VA, provide periodontal treatment for this condition aimed at containing the disease before it progresses.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an infection that occurs in the gums, ligament and bone around the teeth, eroding tooth structure and eventually leading to tooth loss. It is a progression of gingivitis, which affects the gums, causing them to swell and bleed. Take these warning signs seriously as inattention can lead to other health problems. Studies show that gum disease affects these other conditions:

  • Respiratory disease: Bacteria from periodontal disease travels to the lung, which can lead to lung infections and worsen existing lung conditions.
  • Heart disease: Gum disease in Midlothian, VA is believed to increase risks of developing clogged arteries and heart disease, and worsen these conditions if they are already present.
  • Diabetes: Children and adults with diabetes and periodontal disease may find it harder to control blood sugar. If not controlled, diabetes can damage internal organs and cause death.
  • Stroke: Gum disease may increase the risk of stroke from clogged arteries.

Plaque Buildup

Bacteria found in dental plaque is the cause of periodontal disease. Inattention to plaque buildup on your teeth can spread beneath the gum line, where routine brushing and flossing cannot reach. Hidden bacteria leads to swollen and bleeding gums and the need for periodontal treatment.

You can avoid periodontal disease by catching gingivitis early. If it progresses, Drs. Price and Mayers offer professional periodontal services to help you fight the effects of gum disease. Contact our office at (804) 729-8023 or schedule an appointment online for a consultation.



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