November 29, 2015

Gum disease (also referred to as periodontal disease) is one of the most common conditions affecting adults in the United States. The symptoms accompanying periodontal disease can be embarrassing and may affect your social life. Chronic halitosis can make it hard to carry on a conversation with others, and inflamed gums can be noticeably unattractive. Although these symptoms are unpleasant, there are many other hidden gum disease dangers that are much more serious, including a surprising link to diabetes. Dr. Robert Friedberg is an experienced periodontist in Houston, TX, who can help you manage your periodontal disease symptoms before they become more severe and dangerous.

The Relationship Between Gum Disease and Diabetes

Due to vigilant researchers and professionals in the periodontal industry, a link between gum disease and diabetes has been discovered. Although it is not clear exactly how the two correlate, it is thought that the link may have something to do with bacteria absorbed from the gums into the bloodstream. Periodontitis is thought to raise inflammatory cytokine levels and cause an insulin resistance syndrome that can damage the pancreatic beta cells and potentially cause the affected person to develop diabetes.

In short, the inflammation caused by periodontal disease may not be limited to the mouth, and could potentially spread throughout the body, causing abnormal reactions and increasing the risk of diabetes. On the flip-side, those who are already diabetic run a higher risk of developing periodontal disease and should be extremely vigilant regarding their oral care.

What Can You Do?

If you currently suffer from periodontal disease symptoms, seeking treatment should be a top priority. With prompt treatment, follow-up care and a thorough dental hygiene routine, you can regain control of your oral health and decrease your likelihood of developing diabetes. To schedule a gum disease consultation with Dr. Friedberg and learn about your treatment options, simply call (281) 674-7754 during regular operating hours.



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