November 30, 2015

Millions of people nationwide face the problem of gum recession during the course of their lives. This condition, in which there is a reduction in gum tissue along the gum line, can happen due to periodontal disease, an abrasive tooth-brushing habit, the natural aging process, or other factors. If you or someone you care for is experiencing receding gums, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the tooth’s root structure is left exposed to conditions such as tooth decay. Restoring gum tissue to a positive state is vital for having good oral health and long-term dental wellness.

Conventional Versus Contemporary Options

The traditional treatment for gum recession calls for the appropriation of donor tissue or grafts of soft tissue in order to reconstruct a patient’s gum line. In a common procedure, a small section of epithelial tissue is removed from the roof of a patient’s mouth and stitched into the area that will encase the exposed tooth part. While it is effective, it can also be time consuming and painful. Luckily, those who are dealing with receding gums today have another option – the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™). Developed by a dentist, this surgery involves making a miniscule pinhole in the gum tissue into which a special tool is inserted to loosen the tissue. The gum tissue is then pulled over the uncovered tooth. This method has several advantages to prior procedures including:

  • No sutures – Collagen strips are used to hold tissue in place instead of sutures, which can be uncomfortable.
  • No incisions – Because there is no tissue grafted, no part of the gums are cut or removed.
  • Pain kept to a minimum – In comparison to traditional gum grafts, there is often only nominal pain, swelling or bleeding throughout the surgery and post-operation.
  • Less discomfort post-treatment
  • Instantaneous Results – A patient will see improvement right away. The tiny opening created will barely be visible and likely disappear the following day.
  • Quicker recovery time

Your periodontist in Harrisonburg, VA will likely complete PST™ in an hour or less and can work on a number of teeth during the same operation. Give the offices of Dr. Steven Saunders and Dr. Victor Saunders a call today at 540-684-1614 to discuss your options for PST™ to treat gum recession with high quality, natural-looking, and durable results.



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