September 15, 2017

For years, dental professionals have been telling patients that proper oral hygiene and regular checkups and cleanings are essential to their overall physical health. Dentists have educated patients about how signs of infection, cancer, or even diabetes can be detected in their oral health, and numerous stories have been featured in national news media attesting to the lifesaving effects of proper dental vigilance.

Now, it appears that another major health concern can be detected through your oral hygiene. Recent studies have begun to look at using trace factors in your saliva to diagnose heart disease early.

Research Into Heart Failure and Salivary Gland Production

 Researchers have been looking into salivary tests for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases for some time because they represent increased opportunities for early detection.

  • Salivary tests are cheaper, easier, and faster
  • Availability skyrockets with oral testing because biohazard risks are easier to manage
  • Widespread testing leads to more frequent testing, which leads to earlier diagnosis
  • Early diagnosis drives down the rate of disabling side effects and saves money while preserving your health

While the research shows that this is promising, there are not yet widespread tests for cardiovascular disease in Aliso Viejo, CA that are available to the general public, but there are a few that are being studied.

Future of Testing

 It is very likely that we will see tests for this condition develop quickly over the next few years because proving that new tests are effective is a much more streamlined process than attempting to find a new drug or therapy. In the meantime, dental professionals are still positioned to give you excellent advice about early warning signs for your health if you avail yourself of regular checkups.

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