September 29, 2017

After you have a dental implant procedure it’s important to approach the recovery period with care, because a strong recovery is the key to enjoying you implants for years to come. After you have healed, they will be as durable and robust as natural teeth. While your tissues are still tender, there are some definite recommendations about how you handle your care. Luckily, dental implant procedures are relatively simple, and recovery is usually within a few days.

Early Recovery

For the first day or two, it’s recommended that you stick to a liquid diet. Take the prescribed pain medication, and know that it is likely your appetite will not return for a day or so. This is a common occurrence after surgeries. Make sure you take all of the prescribed antibiotics on time; missing doses can create complications or infections.


Cleaning area around the dental implants is vital throughout the recovery process even if you have already moved on to solid foods. Some dental hygiene strategies include:

  • Rinsing with a saline solution regularly
  • Cleaning between your teeth once a day, except at the surgical site
  • Avoiding wearing the temporary prosthesis if the implants were not loaded immediately
  • Using an extra-soft toothbrush to clean the affected area

These steps will help reduce the chance of infection by keeping your entire mouth clean.

Additional Care Instructions

Some patients, particularly those that might have other health risks to consider, wind up with special care instructions from the dentist. If this happens, make sure to follow those instructions for your dental implants. Additional instructions are always provided when Dr. Ryan finds that your other health issues warrant additional care during the implant procedure and recovery.

Making an Appointment

After your implants have healed, it’s important to have a follow-up with Dr. Ryan, dentist who specializes in dental implants, to make sure everything is as expected. Call the office in Jacksonville, FL today to set up your appointment time.



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