April 25, 2017

April is a great time for dental checkups for many reasons. Every Kid Healthy Week falls on April 24 through April 28, 2017. During this time, many families take their children to visit their pediatric dentist in Hunters Creek, FL. You have all year to take your children to the dentist, so why do it now? It really does not matter when you do it – the most important thing is that you get your children in to see the dentist twice a year.

The Importance of Children’s Oral Health

Children’s mouth undergoes great changes from birth through puberty. Teeth can start coming in as early as four months, and the primary teeth start falling out between age 6 and 12. You want to make sure that the primary teeth are healthy and there is plenty of room for the permanent teeth to comfortably come in. Early visits to the dentist can help to identify any problems with bite or alignment and fix them while the child’s jaw is in development, preventing more extensive measures of treatment later on in life.

Regular Checkups Reduce Dental Anxiety

Going to the dental office twice a year serves another important purpose: familiarity. Many people are afraid to have a checkup because of bad experiences in the past. Your child should know that a dental checkup is not anything to be afraid of but an important part of overall wellness, just like a visit to the pediatrician. The more your child comes to a dental appointment and has good experiences, the less likely he or she is to develop deep-seated dental anxiety and fear, making checkups easier in the future.

Schedule a Visit Today

You do not have to wait until Every Kid Healthy Week rolls around to schedule a dental checkup for your child. Make a visit to see Dr. John Cervenka, Dr. Shauna Gaumer Coen, Dr. Yadiris Reiter, Dr. Diana Gomez, Dr. Leah Ladley or Dr. Maya Ayoub by calling Southpark Dental Group in Hunters Creek, FL.



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