December 16, 2016

Dr. Kenneth Nash, our dentist in Vicksburg, MS and the rest of our team want to wish you Happy Holidays! This time of year is known for celebrating with family, friends and delicious meals, and is often associated with unhealthy food options and overindulging. We all deserve to enjoy the holidays, so we have compiled a list of a few tips to keep your health on track.

Holiday Dental Tips

Can you avoid seeing your dental health deteriorate during the holidays? Of course! We suggest following some healthy practices:

  • Stay hydrated: Be sure to drink your recommended amounts of water every day. This will not only help you avoid alternatives such as sodas or other sugary drinks, but also flush your mouth of bacteria. Plus, staying hydrated helps keep us from mistaking thirst for hunger pains, which can prevent overeating.
  • Eat healthier holiday snacks: Have you noticed how more and more people are leaving carrot and celery sticks out for Santa rather than cookies and milk? There is no rule that says the holidays have to be dominated by sweets. Introducing a healthier alternative here and there actually allows you more freedom to indulge in the occasional holiday goody.
  • Take care of your teeth: You may think this advice refers to brushing, but it actually extends to how you may use your teeth during the holidays. Keep in mind that they were not designed to crack open hard nut shells or to tear into the plastic wrapping surrounding toys and other gifts.

It is possible to get through the holiday season without getting new cavities. All it requires is slightly changing a few holiday habits, along with continuing to follow an effective daily dental care regimen. Dr. Nash and our team here at Nash Family Dentistry are here to help in any way that we can. If dental issues do arise during the holidays, trust us to get you back to enjoying all of the season’s festivities. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.



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