June 13, 2018

You may only see your dentist a few times a year but it is important that you feel comfortable and well-cared for, especially when you need emergency care. How do you find the right dentist? Most people rely on a list provided to them by an insurance company and while affordability is essential, it is not the only factor that can be assessed. To learn what you should consider, when selecting a new dentist in Naperville, IL, read our checklist below.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dentist

  1. Do I feel comfortable with this dentist and staff? Is the office a relaxing or inviting environment? Having a good rapport with your dental health professionals ensures that you will not avoid booking an appointment when you need one.
  2. Is the location convenient for me? Will the office hours accommodate my schedule? Again, if you have to travel too far to get to the doctor or take a day off from work, it may dissuade you from taking care of your healthy teeth (and gums).
  3. How does this office handle payments? First, you want to know if your insurance is accepted, but also, you may want to find out whether the entire payment is due up front or just your portion. Ask whether the office takes checks, credit cards, or has financing options available.
  4. Do they provide you with detailed information? Treatment plans should be discussed in detail so that you know what you are agreeing to and what is expected from you. No surprises.
  5. Does the doctor offer the types of services you want? Some patients experience dental anxiety and require sedation dentistry; others may want a smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry.
  6. Does the office provide emergency care, in case you need urgent attention?
  7. Does the dentist have the education, experience, and proper licensing required? A simple trip to their website can answer that question. Dentists typically list their credentials on an “About Us” page.
  8. Consider checking reviews online to get a general idea of how patients feel about the practice.

These are the key components of finding the right dentist for you. For a consultation with our dentist in Naperville, IL, call our office today. Dr. Kaz Zymantas is dedicated to improving and maintain healthy teeth (and gums).



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