April 23, 2017

Oral Cancer Awareness Month is in April, and the perfect time to talk about detecting and treating oral cancer. While everyone is at risk for oral cancer, there are those who are more likely to develop this condition because of certain genetic and lifestyle factors. The following are people that should be screened in between regular exams with our periodontist in Miami, FL to keep oral cancer in check.

General Risk Factors

Two-thirds of those with oral cancer are over 55, and the average diagnosis age is 62. Women are more likely to get oral cancer than men, particularly women that drink or use tobacco. Those who work outdoors or who have prolonged sunlight exposure and those with diets low in vegetables and fruits are also at a higher risk for oral cancer.

Genetic Factors

Genetic mutations can be inherited and can increase the risk of oral cancer. These are dyskeratosis congenital, which causes aplastic anemia and increases cases of throat and mouth cancer at every age, and fanconi anemia, which increases the likelihood of oral cancer by almost 500 times.

Lifestyle and Other Factors

Lifestyle factors play a large role in every type of cancer, and oral is no exception. Of the people diagnosed with oral cancer:

  • 80 percent use chewing tobacco, snuff, cigarettes or some other type of tobacco
  • 70 percent of those diagnosed drink heavily
  • Chances are greatly increased for those who drink AND smoke regularly

Those with an HPV infection or those taking immune suppression drugs are also at an increased risk. Some believe, although it is not directly proven, that some mouthwash and irritation from dentures can also be a cause of oral cancer.

Schedule a Visit

If you are at risk for developing any type of cancer, a regular exam and screening is vital to your health. Call South Florida Periodontics & Dental Implants today to schedule an appointment, and discuss any questions you have with a professional.



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