April 10, 2017

While breast cancer and skin cancer screenings are commonplace, many people forget about oral cancer screenings. One of the goals of Oral Cancer Awareness Month is to inform people of the dangers of this disease and to encourage them to schedule a screening. Early diagnosis and treatment are extremely important in the fight against oral cancer, so if you have not had a screening recently, it is vital to schedule one as soon as possible. Dr. Lawrence Duffy and Dr. Kyle Duffy are experienced professionals who can perform screenings and provide other dental  services.

How an Oral Cancer Screening Works

Early detection of oral cancer allows for numerous treatment options and increases the odds of success. It also helps prevent the disease from leading to other serious health problems. Most oral health screenings start with a visual inspection of the mouth for lesions.

Follow-Up Testing

In some cases, benign mouth sores can be mistaken for oral cancer. If Dr. Duffy finds suspicious red and white patches or lesions in your mouth, he may use photographs to document the symptoms. He may decide to excise the lesions and/or send the tissue for a biopsy to determine if cancer is present.

Possible Treatments

There are several available treatment options for oral cancer, and Dr. Duffy can determine the best plan for you based on your exact symptoms and overall health. Serious cases may involve coordinated treatment plans with other medical professionals, such as ear, nose and throat specialists.

Call Our Office to Schedule Your Screening

In some cases, patients may notice early signs of oral cancer, including sores and lesions in the mouth. However, oral cancer is not always obvious, so the best preventative step to take is to schedule a screening with a dental professional. If you are looking for a dentist in Orlando, FL, give our office a call today and schedule a consultation. Dr. Duffy can provide an oral cancer screening along with a full examination and can address a variety of dental issues with cutting-edge treatments, including dental implants, laser therapy and sedation.



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