February 8, 2018

Root Canal-Cornelius, NC And Huntersville, NC - Toothache ReliefTooth root inflammation can occur at the most inconvenient times. If you’re frustrated because you need a root canal in Cornelius, NC and want to be able to indulge in your favorite treats this Valentine’s Day, you may be in luck. While your pain may be severe now, once you receive treatment from an experienced dentist your tooth will feel much better within just a few days. That means you may be able to enjoy that box of chocolates from your sweetheart after all (although it’s important to consume sugar in moderation for the health of your teeth and your overall health).

What To Expect During Your Procedure

 Dr. Brad Haines and Dr. Steven White frequently choose to save teeth by performing root canals rather than extracting badly infected teeth. A root canal is generally performed in the following steps:

  1. Local anesthetic and oral sedation are given to the patient to numb the treatment area and promote relaxation.
  2. Infected pulp is removed with the help of small, specialized tools.
  3. Once all infected material is removed, the area is carefully cleaned to eliminate bacteria and sterilize the roots.
  4. An inert material is used to fill in the empty roots.
  5. The tooth is sealed off to prevent further infection.
  6. A customized crown is bonded to the existing tooth structure to restore appearance and function.

Infection of the tooth pulp can be caused by a variety of things. The most common cause is severe decay, but cracked teeth, failed crowns and trauma can also cause pulp inflammation.

How To Avoid Root Canals

When the pulp of the tooth is infected, a root canal is generally needed. However, there are things you can do to reduce your chances of needing root canals. Following a good oral hygiene routine is essential, including flossing daily, brushing at least twice each day and scheduling regular dental cleanings.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you need a root canal from a skilled dentist in Cornelius, NC, conveniently located near Huntersville, NC, we invite you to call White and Haines Advanced Dentistry at (704) 274-1561 or submit an appointment request online today. We’ll help you reserve an appointment with Drs. Haines or White at your convenience.



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