June 8, 2017

When a tooth gets infected from either an exposure to bacteria through a crack or from decay inside the tooth’s pulp chamber, a root canal is in order. A root canal is a rescue method for a tooth that is so infected that it needs intervention to be saved. At Polaris Dental Specialists in Beaverton and Salem OR, Dr. Ngyuen is an endodontist that uses state of the art technology and expert techniques to save teeth via root canals.

The Process

The first order of business in a root canal procedure is getting rid of the harmful infection residing in the pulp chamber of the tooth. After removal of the infection and treatment of the pulp chamber, a crown is often placed on the tooth to add protection and durability. Using the latest equipment and techniques, our endodontist can maximize comfort during the procedure and deliver positive results.

Laser Treatment: A Minimally Invasive Root Canal Option

New technologies enable Dr. Nguyen and his team of professionals at Polaris Dental Specialists to administer healing with the greatest level of comfort possible through laser root canals. Instead of the standard drills and files used to complete traditional root canals, the superior precision of lasers is harnessed to target only the infected part of the tooth. This leaves a greater amount of the healthy part of your tooth intact while getting rid of the infection, which means a stronger tooth in the long run.

The minimally invasive approach through lasers also minimizes the pain experienced after the procedure and lessens the recovery time needed. This saves you the time and cost of multiple post-procedure appointments.

The expertise of an endodontist can save teeth and get you out of pain as soon as possible. Call Polaris Dental Specialists today to learn how their advanced knowledge and technology can be put to work to optimize your dental health.



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