December 20, 2016

If you believe the Hollywood version of a visit to the dentist, then the thought of a root canal might fill you with dread. It is sad that such an important dental procedure has been made to seem like the worst thing that can happen to a person. When you are experiencing tooth discomfort, it is vital to get in to see a professional like Dr. Tuong Nguyen to find out what is causing the problem. Here are just a few benefits of treating tooth pain with a root canal. 

Get Rid of the Infected Parts of the Tooth

A root canal goes into the tooth to remove the infected pulp. It is a simple procedure and is generally similar in comfort to receiving a filling. Getting rid of the infected pulp helps to isolate the problem area to keep it from spreading to other parts of your mouth. Your endodontist can then fill the empty area with a special filling and cap it with a crown.

Treatment Takes Away Tooth Pain

Infected pulp causes tooth sensitivity and extreme pain. Root canal therapy directly treats the cause of the discomfort, taking it away after successful removal of the pulp and crowning of the tooth. 

Save Your Tooth

People dread root canals so much that they think they would rather just live with the pain. Unfortunately, not treating the problem tooth could lead to extreme decay to the point that the tooth must be extracted. This is much more costly than a simple and routine root canal treatment, not to mention the time and cost involved with getting an implant to replace the tooth.

Maintain Your Health

You would not want to leave an infected sore on your body untreated. Treating an infected tooth through a root canal helps to maintain your overall bodily health. Our doctors make the process as comfortable as possible. To learn more about treating your tooth pain and whether a root canal can solve your dental problems, contact our office to schedule a visit with Dr. Nguyen.



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