January 16, 2018

Root Canal Treatment For Toothaches - Kyle, TXA root canal is one of the most common dental treatments for toothache relief in Kyle, TX. Dental providers use this type of treatment to heal the infected pulp in the root of the tooth. Today, practitioners like Dr. David McIntyre have perfected the art of treating the root and can make it a more pleasant experience for patients. If you have problems with pain, this may be the key to finally getting relief. Here are the most common signs you may need to get a root canal.

Pain When Eating

The first sign you need a root canal is pain. Most patients notice pain when biting or eating, and it can range from mild to severe discomfort. Additionally, if your tooth pain is waking you up at night and making you extremely uncomfortable, it may be smart to visit our office.

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Tooth pain does not always revolve around eating and chewing. In some situations, the sign you need treatment may be due to a sudden sensitivity to hot or cold foods. Dr. McIntyre can help determine the causes of your sensitivity.

Swollen Gums

In other cases, there may be no pain at all. The infection deep in the root of the tooth may only be characterized by swelling around the affected tooth. If your gums are swollen all of sudden, you should get it checked out as soon as possible.

Bubble in the Gum

There may also be a bubble or what looks like a pimple in the gum line near the sore tooth. This is a sign of infection and needs to be treated right away to avoid losing the tooth completely or having the infection spread to other parts of the body. Root canal treatment in Kyle, TX can be effective in this situation.

Contact our staff today at (512) 402-5987 or request an appointment online if you have pain or other problems with your gums. You can get relief and start to feel better once your problem tooth is treated.



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