October 24, 2016

Most adults experience tooth pain at some point as they age. Discomfort can have many causes and it is important to see your dental professional as soon as possible to detect the cause of the pain. Sometimes as teeth age, they begin to deteriorate inside. In these instances, a root canal is the preferred method of treatment. If left unattended, pain will increase and the probability that the tooth can be saved will decrease.

Keep Your Natural Tooth

It is always preferable to save a natural tooth when possible. Because the roots of your teeth are anchored securely in your jawbone, they are constantly stimulating the bone to keep it strong and healthy. If a tooth is lost or removed, the bone begins to shrink, causing facial changes and increasing the need for dental interventions. A root canal removes diseased tissue leaving the outer portion and root of the tooth intact, which provides you with many more years of healthy jaw structure.

Eliminate Bacteria

Underneath the hard surface of your teeth is an open space that contains soft tissue called pulp. This pulp is an essential component during the development of your teeth and, over time, it may become infect or begin to decay, which causes pain. Eventually, the affected tooth will die and need to be removed. A root canal interrupts this process of deterioration by removing the soft tissue and any bacteria responsible for the infection. After the tooth has been capped, it is strengthened and fed by the surrounding tissues and pain due to infection is eliminated.

Restore Lifestyle and Function

Delaying root canal treatment can threaten the success of the procedure. In order to enjoy your natural tooth and decreased levels of discomfort, early treatment is advised. Following a root canal, you can resume natural chewing, smiling and oral care. For more information regarding this effective procedure, contact Dr. Schneider and Dr. Jacobs today.



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