September 13, 2016

Receding gums can be caused by many factors, including vigorous brushing, genetics and poor oral health. Once your gum line has begun to raise, it cannot be lowered or regrown without dental intervention. Conventionally, gum repair has involved grafting and sutures, but the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique can repair gum tissues and reverse recession without surgery. This simple procedure offers relief as well as the benefit of minimal tissue damage and a speedy recovery.

Who is a Candidate for PST?

All individuals suffering from shrinking gum tissues should consider PST™ as it is a simple alternative to traditional surgery. Signs of recession include sensitivity as well as teeth that appear longer. Individuals that are experiencing the advanced symptoms of periodontitis, such as the formation of pockets of bacteria, may need to improve their oral health, or seek other forms of treatment.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Rather than relying on inserting new tissue, PST™ uses a small hole in the upper gums to loosen and re-position your current gums. Dr. Jacqueline Subka is trained in this specialized technique and will utilize a special instrument inserted into the pinhole to rejuvenate your tissue and restore your natural gum line.

Once re-positioned, the gums must be held in place for proper adhesion. The pinhole is again used as an access point as small collagen strips are inserted to secure the tissue in the correct location.

What is the Recovery Period Like?

Because the pinhole is so small, no stitches are necessary and recovery is completed very quickly. Many patients experience overnight healing of the pinhole site. The cosmetic benefits of PST™ are immediate and patients may return to their normal chewing and brushing routine soon after the procedure is complete.

If you suffer from gum recession in Thousand Oaks, CA, contact Dr. Subka today. Schedule a consultation to find out more about your options for minimally-invasive gum repair treatment.



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