From dental bone graft procedures to periodontal plastic surgery, periodontists offer a range of procedures aimed at restoring health to oral tissues. Periodontal specialists are experts in providing surgical solutions to conditions affecting the gum tissues and bone surrounding the teeth. Patients suffering from periodontal disease, bone loss, gum recession and a host of other oral conditions can benefit from the skill and expertise of a periodontist.

Surgical Solutions for Healthier Bone Tissue

To restore bone tissue lost to periodontal disease, prolonged tooth loss or oral injury, periodontists may perform one or more of the following surgical procedures:

  • Osseous Surgery: The periodontist performs this periodontal disease treatment by retracting gum tissues, removing tartar deposits from root surfaces and smoothing rough boney areas. A dental bone graft may also be performed at the time of osseous surgery.
  • Ridge Augmentation/Preservation: Tooth loss has a negative impact on the arch, or ridge of bone housing the teeth. Ridge augmentation returns bone structure and form to the area, while ridge preservation adds bone tissue to the tooth socket immediately following tooth extraction.
  • Sinus Augmentation/Lift: A sinus lift may be performed to prepare the upper molar or premolar areas for dental implant placement. The sinus cavity or floor of the sinus is augmented to allow for the increased bone height and density necessary to support a dental implant post.
  • Bone Grafting: A dental bone graft inserts bone tissue samples into areas of bone loss. Tissue is derived from the patient’s body, a bone bank or a non-human source (such as bovine, or cow).

Periodontal Surgery for Healthier Gums

  • Crown Lengthening: When the tooth-to-gum ratio is insufficient, either for esthetic or functional reasons, crown lengthening procedures can improve the balance and expose greater tooth surface area through removal of gum and bone tissue.
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery: Esthetic enhancement of the smile line and improvement of gum tissue health can be achieved through periodontal plastic surgery procedures, which involve the removal and reshaping of gum and bone tissues.
  • Gum Grafting: Soft tissue grafting procedures replace tissue lost to gum recession. Grafting material is obtained from the patient’s own mouth or outside donor sources, returning receded gum tissues to healthier levels.
  • Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST™): A revolutionary method for addressing gum recession, PST™ restores receded areas to improved positioning through a small pinhole opening in the gums. The procedure is minimally invasive and boasts immediate cosmetic results.

A dentist or periodontist may recommend one or more of these surgical procedures to restore health to periodontal tissues.

Are You a Candidate for Periodontal Surgery?

Whether you have periodontal disease requiring osseous surgery or excess gum tissue impacting the appearance of your smile, you may have a need to visit a periodontist for specialized treatment. A consultation and examination with your dentist can determine if you are a candidate for periodontal surgery procedures.

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