December 20, 2016

For patients who have diseased gums, there is now a much better option than traditional gum surgery. Periodontal disease affects the healthy gum tissue with the spread of bacteria from unhealthy pockets in affected areas of your gums. Years ago, the only choice for patients was to undergo uncomfortable gum surgery where a dentist cut away diseased gum tissue. At Advanced Dental Techniques, Dr. Laurence C. Breiterman performs LANAP® laser gum surgery, giving patients a much better experience in periodontal disease treatment. Here are three reasons why LANAP® may be right for you:

1. Minimal Pain

The best thing about LANAP® therapy is that it offers your dentist a way to effectively treat your gums with minimal pain. There is no cutting involved, and your gums will not need sutures. Instead, Dr. Breiterman uses a high-tech laser that precisely treats the damaged gum tissue without affecting the healthy spots. After the surgery, many of our clients feel comfortable with a simple over-the-counter pain medicine.

2. Affordable Cost

Additionally, LANAP® laser surgery can be an affordable treatment option for many patients. Surgical procedures that incorporate technology like lasers are not necessarily more expensive than traditional means of treatment. Many patients find that LANAP® may be covered by their dental insurance policy. For some of our patients, the cost is the same as other methods of treatment for periodontal disease.

3. Convenient Treatment

LANAP® laser surgery is also a convenient option for patients who have a busy schedule. Laser gum surgery can take as little as two appointments instead of the multiple number of visits required with other forms of gum surgery. Your recovery time may also be much easier with LANAP® and have you back to work or on your routine a few hours after treatment.

Find out more about how LANAP® laser surgery might be right for your gum disease issues by calling us today. Dr. Breiterman can help you make the right decision on getting your gums back to top condition.



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