October 2, 2018

Modern technology improves nearly every aspect of life, including oral care. Now, periodontists are learning how to maximize efficiency and minimize patient discomfort with the help of leading technology such as laser dentistry procedures. LANAP® laser gum surgery is now the preferred method of treatment for gum disease because it has offers many benefits over traditional surgery requiring sutures and scalpels. Here are the top three ways LANAP® has changed periodontics for the better.


Laser dentistry for gum disease

  1. Accuracy

You want to visit a periodontist who uses laser technology to treat gum tissue because it is more accurate than traditional treatment methods. Dr. Richard Amato proudly uses the LANAP® protocol to treat inflamed, diseased gum tissue. The LANAP® protocol is especially useful for gum disease treatment because it leaves healthy tissue alone while targeting only bacteria-inflamed gum tissue. As a result of this exceptional accuracy, patients who receive the LANAP® protocol generally recover much more quickly than those who undergo traditional gum surgery performed with the assistance of scalpels.

  1. Efficiency

Due to its accuracy and ease of use, laser periodontal technology maximizes efficiency and makes it easier for Dr. Amato to treat unhealthy gums quickly. If you’re not a fan of spending unnecessary time in the treatment chair, you’ll appreciate how quickly your laser treatments are when compared to slower, traditional treatment methods.

  1. Tissue Regeneration

LANAP® is the only laser dentistry device that has been shown to support true regeneration (including new bone formation) without the use of artificial membranes or biologics. True regeneration refers to the regeneration of attachment apparatus on a root surface that was previously diseased. What this means it that patients who receive treatment with the LANAP® protocol are able to regrow new alveolar bone, cementum and periodontal ligaments.

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