August 25, 2016

The technology used for dental procedures is constantly evolving in order to give patients the best, more convenient treatments possible. Our Miami, FL periodontists fully believe in using the best, which is why laser dentistry is offered in our office. Aside from feeling as though you are in a science fiction movie, there are some outstanding benefits to be gained.

1. Wide Range of Applications

A variety of dental issues can be treated with lasers now. Gum disease can be practically eliminated from your gum tissue with lasers. It can also treat other areas of the mouth, including:

  • Jaw bone
  • Enamel
  • Tongue
  • Lips

2. Eliminates Discomfort

While other gum disease treatments in the past would be effective, they could also cause discomfort. You might feel a little pain while sitting in the periodontist’s chair, and there might be bleeding associated with the procedure. With lasers, there is no bleeding. Discomfort is kept to a minimum, so you feel so much better during the actual procedure, and recovery time is drastically lessened.

3. Makes Patients More Comfortable

Many patients delay getting the treatment they need because they are apprehensive about going near any drills or needles. This is never good because the longer someone waits to get the dental treatment he or she needs the worse the condition is going to become. Lasers can help relieve some of that apprehension.

4. Less Time Is Needed

Everyone has busy schedules. This can be another reason why someone would delay treatment. People are concerned that being in the periodontist’s office will take up too much time. With laser treatment, you get the care you need much faster and with fewer appointments.

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Lasers are the way with the future. If you would like to learn more about them, then you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Bradley A. Ross or Dr. Scott B. Ross. Good dental health is right around the corner, so call us soon.



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