December 27, 2017

Some patients are wary of dental implants because they involve minor surgery, but the reality is that this procedure offers many benefits, particularly during the holidays. Uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures may leave you feeling self-conscious around friends and family, preventing you from enjoying seasonal foods and festivities. Take it from your local periodontist and consider these four reasons to invest in all on 4® dental implants.

  1. Get a Perfect and Permanent Fit

Unlike dentures, which are prone to movement, dental implants are attached directly to the jawbone for a secure and optimal fit. The procedure requires only four implants and replaces a full arch of teeth, with immediate results. Additionally, because it usually does not entail a bone graft, it is an excellent choice for patients with low bone volume or density.

  1. Eat the Foods You Love

The holidays abound with meals with loved ones and the occasional cookie or slice of pie. Unstable dentures can cause people to feel self-conscious when eating. All on 4® dental implants allow you to eat your favorite traditional dishes and sweets without worrying about what your teeth look like. The implants remain in place, no matter what’s for dinner.

  1. Speak and Laugh Freely

During the cheeriest season, another benefit of implants is the ability to talk and laugh with friends and family. As you get back to normal life, failing and missing teeth become concerns of the past. Many people also experience a boost in confidence because their dental implants make them look years younger.

  1. Be Confident Around Friends and Family

With proper care, all on 4® dental implants can last a lifetime, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident around friends and family during the holiday season and beyond. Talk to your periodontist to determine whether or not the procedure is right for you. To arrange an appointment with Dr. Strout, please contact our office today.



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