July 11, 2017

You may be tempted to take part of the latest sweet treat holiday, National Lollipop Day, and pick up some of this iconic candy on a stick. If you want to ensure that your mouth and teeth are healthy, gorgeous and strong, you may want to opt out of the festivities for this date.  At Walden Dentistry we stress the importance of preventative care and healthy habits to his patients. No matter how young or old you are, it is vital to prioritize your teeth and take good care of them. Great care starts with regular visits to your dentist and a solid oral health cleaning routine. This way, you can avoid coming in to the office for a root canal or other treatments. Here are some potential problems that come with a lackadaisical approach to oral hygiene and care.

Gum Disease

Many of our patients do great with brushing their teeth, but some are not as effective at flossing every day. Skipping on your daily flossing could potentially put you at risk for developing gum disease. Food and plaque can get stuck between your teeth and promote bacteria growth.

Cavities and Decay

The most common side effect of poor dental care is decay. Individuals who avoid the dentist and brush ineffectively may get more cavities or develop serious tooth decay. Once decay gets deep into the tooth, a root canal may be necessary.

More Dental Procedures

Ignoring your oral health and tooth decay also leads to serious pain, which usually brings people to the office for emergency treatment or root canal retreatment. Patients may have to go through extensive restoration or repair treatment in multiple visits at this point.

Missing Teeth

Neglecting your teeth could also cause tooth loss. After time, the teeth may have to be pulled because of damage, or they may even fall out.

If you need to get back on track with your oral hygiene habits, let our office guide the way with our expertise. Contact us today to help you get back to healthy.



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