December 28, 2017

The holidays are upon us, which means parties, family get-togethers and plenty of reasons to smile. Do not let your receding gums keep you from showing how happy you are this holiday season.

Risks of Gum Recession

Experts divide gum recession into four classes. Class I is mild recession in which there is no loss of tissue or bone loss between the teeth. Class II recession occurs when the gums begin to recede toward the border of the teeth but still has not created bone loss or tissue loss. In Class III recession, gums recede past the border of the gingiva. In addition to evident tissue and bone loss, roots of the teeth begin to become uncovered. Class IV is the most serious type of gum recession. Roots have no coverage and severe bone loss occurs. As gum disease progresses, teeth will become loose and may fall out. Untreated periodontal disease may lead to more severe health issues. It has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s by some experts.

Treatment for Gum Recession

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique is quickly becoming one of the most common ways that dentists provide gum recession treatment. This technique is minimally invasive and is best for patients who still have good gum tissue. Our periodontist, Amarik Singh, DDS, MS, MICOI, uses a small instrument to make a tiny hole in your existing gum tissue. He then uses special instruments to loosen your gum tissue and move it back into place. These tools allow your gum line to cover any exposed roots. The entire process is usually not very painful. Most patients go back to work within 24 hours.

Benefits of Pinhole® Surgical Technique

Unlike many gum recession treatments, we do not need to take tissue from the top of your mouth when completing this procedure. We also do not require scalpels or other invasive tools that sometimes leave patients feeling uncomfortable. No stitches or sutures means patients usually experience very little discomfort and recover faster. In addition to these benefits, patients say their treatment leaves their gums looking natural and that results are long-lasting.

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