February 6, 2019

Crown lengthening procedures have gained popularity in recent years. This form of periodontal plastic surgery has a lot of esthetic enhancement associated with it, so it is in high demand with people who are trying to cultivate the most beautiful smile possible. It’s not a totally cosmetic procedure, though, and there are many patients who could benefit from it and do not realize it.

Practical Reasons for Lengthening Procedures

Very often, when patients have dental issues that require protective or reconstructive support, the damage done to the tooth reduces its profile enough to make treatment difficult. Patients who have extensive root canal work and need crowns are one example. For those patients, crown lengthening increases the amount of tooth visible, providing more surface area for crowns to adhere to and making it easier to get the restorative care they need.

Esthetic Reconstruction

For some patients, the practical and esthetic reasons dovetail. This happens most often when periodontal disease or other major oral health issues require a periodontist to rebuild a patient’s smile. Under those circumstances, it can help restore the original beauty of a patient’s smile while also providing the material support needed for the patient to tolerate treatments that also restore functionality.

Talk to Dr. DeAngelo About Your Options

If you’ve been working on turning back the damage from periodontal disease, esthetic crown lengthening can be an important tool for regaining your ability to enjoy the foods you love, and it can do it while making your smile more attractive. Acting to access this procedure means:

  • Less opportunity for new problems to arise from lack of treatment
  • Decreased discomfort daily
  • Stop the pain that comes from untreated or partially treated health concerns
  • Regain your oral health after removing a gum disease infection

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