February 24, 2017

If you notice your gums are sensitive, swollen, and bleed when you brush, you may have a mild form of gum disease called gingivitis. In most cases, gingivitis is easy to treat and prevent through flossing and regular visits to a dentist. However, there are also advanced treatments such as laser surgery that remove the harmful bacteria in a minimally-invasive and effective way. Dr. Hossein Javid has experience with many dental treatments including laser surgery and can determine the right treatment plan for your exact situation. If you are a good candidate for laser surgery, here are some benefits you can expect.


  1. Quick and Effective


This method of treatment uses targeted laser beams to destroy the bacteria that causes gum disease without harming the healthy gum tissue.


  1. Minimal Pain and Recovery Time


Laser gum surgery removes bacteria without requiring cutting or stitching, so it offers most patients minimal pain. Many patients receive treatment in a single visit and recover so quickly they are back to normal life the next day.


  1. Support for Implants


One of the most overlooked issues associated with gum disease is inflammation of gums around dental implants (peri-implantitis). If left untreated, this can cause implants to fall out and further reduce the level of healthy bone and gum tissue. Laser surgery helps keep implants sites healthy and strong.


  1. Prevent Further Health Issues


Without treatment, gum disease can lead to other serious health issues including tooth loss, bone tissue loss, heart disease, and cancer.


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