October 9, 2017

With Halloween coming up, your diet will probably be filled with more candy, popcorn, and sweet treats than usual. Although there is nothing wrong with indulging sparingly, know that an excess of sugar can damage your teeth and gums. Your gums could become damaged to the point where you may need gum treatment from your local periodontist.

Foods That Damage Your Teeth

Consistent exposure to sugar can wear down the enamel on your teeth and even result in a dental emergency. For example, sticky and sweet foods can result in broken or chipped teeth. For a better alternative, try chewing sugarless gum.

On top of sweet foods and treats, sticky substances can damage your teeth as well. Sticky foods and sweet treats tend to stay on the surface of your teeth longer. If you do decide to eat something sticky or sugary, rinse your mouth with water afterwards and brush and floss your teeth carefully.

Gum Treatment Can Help

If your teeth and gums are suffering because of too many sticky or sweet foods, gum treatment can help. Gingivitis may seem like no big deal at first, but it is more serious than it can initially seem. It can quickly advance to periodontitis, which is especially harmful to the health of your teeth and gums.

In most cases, the first stage of fighting periodontitis involves a nonsurgical treatment called scaling and root planing. During this process, we remove the plaque and tartar off of your teeth and the surfaces of their roots. Then, we smooth away any roughness to keep bacteria from getting deeper into your teeth and gums and causing more damage.

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