August 24, 2016

Every year, new dental technology is developed that improves your treatment options and ensures that your mouth is healthy and happy. One of those developments is LANAP® laser treatment in Aliso Viejo, CA. This treatment is a valuable concept in the fight against gum disease, and differs from traditional surgery in several ways.
Traditional Osseous Surgery
With traditional surgery, scalpels and sutures are commonly used. During the surgery, the dentist enhances the visibility of the gum tissue with a scalpel. The pocket is then cleaned and pocket depth is decreased by removing and cutting gum tissue. Typically, gum grafting is required to reattach the tooth’s root exterior to the gum tissue after traditional surgery. While this is still a viable option for a variety of reasons, many patients opt to try something less invasive with laser surgery.
Laser Treatment for Gum Disease
With laser treatment, there is no need for sutures or scalpels. This is a minimally invasive treatment for gum disease, meaning patients deal with little to no discomfort or pain. The laser is able to tell the difference between diseased and healthy tissue, and allows the dentist to remove bacteria without damaging, removing or cutting into healthy tissue.
One of the main benefits of laser surgery is the decreased amount of time and faster healing time. As traditional surgery is more invasive, it requires a longer healing time and increased pain. Those who choose LANAP® laser treatment often recover faster and report little to no pain or discomfort. Many go back to their regular activities immediately after treatment. With laser treatment, you avoid sutures, scalpels, pain and long recovery times.
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