December 21, 2016

Gum disease has reached epidemic levels in the U.S., with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 47.2 percent of Americans have some form of it. However, many often defer treatment until severe problems arise, such as tooth loss and damage to the jaw bone. Even more frightening is the fact that gum disease has shown to contribute to even more dangerous health issues, with heart disease and diabetes being among the most serious. Most of those who refuse to deal with their gum problems early on only do so because they fear the cutting, drilling and stitching they often associate with dental work. Fortunately, the days of those treatments are long past, with less-invasive laser surgery techniques having taken their place.

Laser gum surgery allows dentists and periodontists like Dr. Herbert J. Schneider to perform therapeutic dental treatments in less time and with greater accuracy than previous surgical methods. The primary reason behind the effectiveness of this treatment is the precision that it offers. Laser technology allows Dr. Schneider to pinpoint and treat only the affected areas of your gums, leaving the surrounding healthy tissue untouched. This helps promote the regeneration of new, healthy gum tissue.

Advantages Beyond Improved Precision

That is not the only benefit that laser gum surgery offers. Others include

  • Faster healing times: Because scalpels and sutures are not involved in laser surgery, you are able to recover that much faster with a reduced risk of developing an infection.
  • Less pain and discomfort: Very little manipulation of your teeth and gums occurs during laser surgery, which translates to little or no intraoperative or postoperative pain.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Laser gum surgery typically succeeds at addressing your problems during your initial treatment. That means you will not have to spend as much money down the road on subsequent care.

With all of the advantages that laser gum surgery has to offer, why put off treatment any longer? Dr. Schneider can help put an end to your dental issues using advanced Waterlase iPlus laser treatment. For more information on this exciting new technology and how it may be used to help you, contact us here at Dumont Dentist today.



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