January 23, 2017

Around half of American adults experience some type of gum disease requiring work with a specialist in periodontics. Periodontal disease can lead to significant problems, including tooth decay and missing teeth. The bacteria and inflammation in the mouth have also been correlated to heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions. Therefore, getting treatment for your condition, such as LANAP, is one way to prevent further problems arising. That is why Dr. Christopher Hutton at Periodontics and Implant Dentistry provides this service for our patients.

What Is It?

LANAP is a laser gum surgery that kills the bacteria in the gums while leaving any healthy tissue alone. In periodontal disease, it is common for pockets to form in the gum tissue. Bacteria live in this pocket, consuming the tissue. It leads to tissue decay, inflammation and other problems. If this progresses, then it can lead to advanced gum disease and destruction of healthy tissue.

By using a laser to go into the pockets, more gum tissue is preserved compared to alternative surgeries. It also has less down time, less gum recession, reduced inflammation, bone regeneration, and less risk. The gums are able to heal faster, since there is no use of any scalpels to slice into the gum.

What Is the Recovery Like?

Although it is less invasive than traditional gum surgery, your mouth still has to heal. Directly after the procedure, it is common to feel some pain and mild tenderness. For most people, this is managed with over the counter pain medication. Your doctor might also give you splints to wear during the initial healing phase. You might also need to follow some at-home procedures to enhance healing:

  • No smoking
  • Special diet with mostly soft foods
  • No brushing or flossing for a week or so

Always follow the post-operational instructions of your periodontist.

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When your gum disease has advanced, it might be time to discuss options with a periodontist in Racine, WI. Contact our office today to talk with Dr. Hutton to see what the best course of action for you is.



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