April 9, 2018

Gum disease begins as the temporary gingivitis and if left untreated can progress to the permanent periodontitis. Frequent visits to the office of periodontist Dr. Steven N. Rice will help prevent the symptoms of gum disease from getting worse with laser gum disease treatment that is effective with minimal pain.

Symptoms of Periodontitis

Your gums should always be a pale pink color. If you notice any of the following gum disease symptoms, then you should see a periodontist immediately:

  • Pain while chewing
  • Loose teeth
  • Halitosis
  • Pus developing between gums and teeth
  • New gaps form between teeth
  • Bleeding while flossing
  • Gums turning purple or bright red
  • Puffy or swollen gum tissue

Gum disease can increase a person’s likelihood of developing heart disease, dementia, and diabetes. Prompt proper care with laser gum disease treatment is a necessity to keep your overall health in good condition.

Benefits of Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Our dental professionals use laser therapy to target inflamed gum tissue. This is much more effective at removing tissue than cutting into the gums, and there is significantly less recovery time associated with it.

One major benefit is that most of the time, no anesthesia is necessary; it is much less invasive than other procedures, resulting in minimal bleeding or pain. You will not have as many follow-up appointments with your periodontist. Most patients enjoy the fact that there is greater preservation of the natural gum tissue and overall oral health.

Advanced Gum Tissue Procedures at Our Office

Dr. Rice offers the LANAP® protocol, which is an FDA-cleared procedure. With laser gum disease treatment, most patients who qualify find more of their teeth can be saved. For more information on LANAP®, schedule an appointment at our Rockville, MD office today to see how we can best treat your case of gum disease.



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