December 14, 2018

Dr. Eric C. Seidel uses laser dentistry for a variety of purposes. A few of its uses include healing mouth sores, fixing damage from gum disease and filling in cavities. While there are other methods for these purposes, there are numerous benefits that come with laser technology that have made it a staple with our dentist in Gettysburg, PA.

More Convenient Treatment

People who have an innate fear of the dentist’s office will be happy to learn laser technology eliminates many of the sources of dental anxiety. For starters, lasers do not necessitate cutting into the gum tissue. As a result, there is less bleeding. In some circumstances, the patient will not even require anesthesia, allowing him or her to drive home directly after the treatment.

Easier Recovery Period 

Since the procedure itself is less intensive, patients can expect a more pleasant recovery. Generally, recovery only takes 24 hours, and most people find they are capable of going to work the next day. There will be far less discomfort after the treatment, so people may not even need pain relievers. Since lasers sterilize the area, there is a reduced likelihood of the patient developing an infection following the procedure.

Fewer Dental Visits 

With greater precision, our dentist should be able to treat the problem in a single visit. There will often need to be a follow-up appointment just for our dentist to make sure everything healed as it should. This is preferable over old methods where patients would need to schedule multiple appointments to repair damage caused by gum disease or remove cold sores.

Versatility Found at Our Office 

Dr. Seidel utilizes the BIOLASE WaterLase iPlusÔ laser for exceptional results. This is a gentle treatment that will leave more of your oral tissues unaffected and unharmed. Whether you need laser dentistry or something else, you should not hesitate to contact the experts at Gettysburg Dental Associates.



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