April 25, 2017

Gum disease begins as simple gingivitis and if left unchecked, may quickly turn into periodontitis that results in loose teeth, deep pockets surrounding the gums and even bone loss. Fortunately, there are minimally invasive treatment options that allow you to overcome the challenges of gum disease. At the offices of Drs. Perrotta and SanGiacomo, we are proud to offer laser gum disease treatment in Bethel, CT.

How It Works

When laser treatment is used to handle gum disease, a dental laser removes inflamed gum tissue located around the tooth’s root. Once the root is exposed and the infected tissue is gone, then it is time for root scaling. This is the removal of plaque and calculus that has built up around the root and the gum line. Once the area is clean, special instruments are used to smooth out rough spots that might be breeding grounds for bacteria that lead to infection. As the gums heal, the space between the root and the gum can regenerate.

Why Is It Better?

Laser gum treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that can be performed by a dentist to treat gum disease. Because it is less invasive than traditional measures, the healing and recovery times are shorter, there is limited swelling, pain and bleeding and advanced lasers can target the affected areas extremely accurately and precisely. There is no need for general anesthetic with laser gum treatment. As technology advances, treatment for common ailments becomes easier to get and safer, without the risks associated with traditional surgery.

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If you have gum disease and are concerned about your teeth and your overall oral health, schedule a visit with us today. Contact us with any questions you have about laser treatment for gum disease, or visit us to determine the extent of your disease. We can help you choose the right treatment for your individual needs.



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