August 25, 2016

Root canal treatment needs to be sought whenever the pulp inside a tooth has becomes infected. If nothing is done, then this infection can spread to other oral structures. Despite the procedure’s benefits, many people are still hesitant simply because they do not like the idea of drilling and removing material out of a tooth. However, those people do not need to fear any longer. Our endodontist is proud to offer laser-assisted root canal treatment in Bedford Hills, NY. This procedure offers key benefits anyone can appreciate.

Highly Precise and Pain-Free

Although you will be given an anesthetic before a traditional root canal procedure, many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of drilling into a tooth. With a laser-assisted root canal, no drilling is necessary. Instead, a highly focused laser is aimed at the infected tooth. An infrared beam of light kills the bacteria causing the infection. The results are outstanding, and 99 percent of bacteria can be eliminated through this method.

Less Damage to Healthy Parts

Only a portion of one tooth has become infected. In the past, it was sometimes necessary for perfectly healthy parts to be treated as well. However, through the use of lasers, only the diseased parts receive. Everything healthy is left untouched and intact.

Fewer Visits Necessary

Due to the fact that anesthetic would be necessary in the past, some patients would require multiple visits in order to restore their oral health. With advanced, laser-assisted dental technology, everything can be done in a single visit. Therefore, you do not have to worry about taking too much time off from work.

Contact Our Endodontist

If you start noticing the symptoms of an infected tooth, contact a skilled endodontist immediately.  Delayed treatment may result in significantly more decay and require the tooth to be extracted. Dr. Justin Kolnick and our team are here to assist you in any way we can.  Call to schedule an appointment at our office in Bedford Hills, NY today.  914-750-4034




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