April 20, 2017

For many patients seeking a periodontist in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, the question of how they came to develop gum disease symptoms remains a mystery. That’s because they find that they are seeking treatment despite managing to minimize all of the possible risk factors and taking care of their oral health. What many of them do not understand, and what Dr. McCawley tries to teach every patient, is that there are hidden factors like stress that can contribute to gum disease.

Hidden Causes of Gum Disease

You probably already know about how plaque and tartar can contribute, especially when they build up. It’s also fairly common knowledge now that smoking and trauma can both increase the likelihood of developing gum disease. These hidden factors can also be at play, though:

• Diabetes
• High stress
• Genetics

While there is little to be done about genetic risk factors and you need a doctor to help if you have diabetes, there are a number of ways that patients seeking gum disease treatment can work on their stress levels to be healthier and to reduce their risks.

Stress and Gum Disease

There are a few reasons stress can lead to gum disease. They tend to revolve around the same basic idea, though. Stress causes behaviors which can put extra wear and tear on your teeth. They include:

• High blood pressure
• Metabolic changes that can affect blood sugar
• Increased tendency to grind teeth

Remember, oral trauma aids in gum disease, so if you are more likely to have an acidic mouth that builds up plaque and tartar, you are at risk. Similarly, if you are grinding your teeth or doing other things that can make your gums recede, you are at risk.

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