March 19, 2017

If you experience loose teeth and/or painful or chronic bleeding gums, you may be experiencing the initial stages of gum disease. If these symptoms describe your situation, you are not alone; it is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that as many as 65 million American adults might be afflicted with some form of this condition. However, if there is a silver lining hidden within this epidemic, it is that the prevalence of gum disease has made it necessary for researchers to develop new advanced treatment methods. Previously, when you would experience the symptoms of gum disease, it meant you would have an extensive treatment process ahead of you. Today’s alternatives offer a virtually pain-free experience, faster recovery times and better long-term results.

Gum surgery has proven to be an extremely effective method for treating gum disease. If your dental specialist determines you need some version of gum treatment, you may able to choose between standard and laser gum treatment. Both are designed to accomplish the same task, which is to rid your teeth of the germs and bacteria that contribute to gum disease and reverse whatever damage may have occurred. Both involve the manipulation of your gum line. Yet the similarities between to the two methods end there.

The Key Difference Between the Two Methods

The main difference between laser and traditional gum surgery is the level of invasiveness. With traditional surgery, your dentist or periodontist uses scalpels to cut into your gums and then applies sutures to hold them in place following your procedure. This translates to the need for more pain medication during surgery, more post-operative pain and a longer recovery period.

Laser gum surgery, on the other hand, uses advanced, highly attuned equipment to target diseased areas while leaving the surrounding healthy tissues untouched. This allows for unique benefits such as:

  • Vastly improved treatment accuracy
  • Significantly less pain and swelling
  • Faster recovery times

If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease, the need for some form of treatment cannot be overlooked. However, if laser gum surgery is a possibility, wouldn’t you rather be back to enjoying the benefits of good dental health that much faster? Dr. David Krishingner, Dr. Jeffrey Root, Dr. John Krishingner and want you to have access to the most advanced treatment options available. To explore which of those you might be eligible for, contact us at our office in Brevard, NC, conveniently located close to Hendersonville, NC and Etowah, NC, to schedule a consultation appointment.



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