April 5, 2019

There are many things that occur in the mouth when gum disease is left to its own devices. The problem only gets worse and can lead to gum recession without the intervention of a periodontist  in Leesburg, VA such as Dr. Jean-Claude Kharmouche and the staff at Nova Perio Specialists. While the thought of sitting in a dental chair may have some people worried, there are additional problems that can occur if gum recession is left untreated.

The Teeth Look Longer

Receding gums occur when the gum line starts to pull away from the teeth. Healthy gums should have a fairly consistent and straight line across the teeth. You can identify the occurrence of recession if the gum line looks uneven and more of the teeth are exposed, making them look longer than normal. This can alter the appearance of your smile.

Roots Can Become Exposed and Sensitive

If the gums recede far enough, they can expose the roots of the teeth, which can make the teeth more sensitive. This can make it a painful experience to consume hot or cold foods and drinks. If enough of the tooth root is exposed, it could even lead to pain occurring unexpectedly, even when not eating or drinking.

The Teeth May Be at Risk of Falling Out

One of the greatest risks of a receding gum line is that of the teeth falling out. Your gums help to cover the roots and support a tooth in place. When you are experiencing gum recession, that tooth support is compromised, especially if it advances to root exposure. The best option is to see a periodontist as early as possible to try to get the recession under control. If it has advanced far enough, a gum graft or gum surgery may be necessary.

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