July 11, 2017

If you are a person with gum disease or other persistent issues with your gums, it is essential to seek prompt, targeted treatment. For many people, that means visiting a dentist who offers laser gum therapy in Norwalk, CT.

Greater Accuracy With No Incisions

One of the best things about laser procedures for gums as opposed to traditional procedures is that dentists can achieve a high level of accuracy. The greater amount of accuracy means it is possible for dentists to retain more of your natural tooth structure. Furthermore, they do that without using scalpels or making incisions with other tools.

A Representation of Improved Technologies

Dr. Carolina Giraldo is a dentist in Norwalk, CT who is committed to receiving continuing education and belongs to seven professional organizations that help her meet that ongoing goal. That is one reason why she offers several types of laser gum therapies for patients. If you are interested in getting some of the latest and most advanced treatments to improve your gum health, lasers demonstrate how far technology has come.

Reduced Side Effects

Another reason why Dr. Giraldo decided to make laser treatments available in her office is because they typically cause fewer side effects, such as swelling, bleeding and discomfort. If you are feeling hesitant due to things like those that can accompany all gum treatments, simply get more details during your dental appointment about what you can expect and how recoveries typically progress.

Little To No Anesthetic Needed

Many laser gum therapies are superior to less advanced treatments because patients do not have to receive as much anesthetic during their procedures. In some cases, numbing medicine may not be required at all.

To learn more about these and other benefits of laser gum therapy, contact Dr. Giraldo’s office to make an appointment. She can explain details about options that may be appropriate to handle your gum maintenance needs.



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