December 28, 2017

Root Canal Treatment - Mt Kisco, NY & White Plains, NY - Laser Endodontics - WaterlaseYou’ve heard of endodontics before, usually when discussing the dreaded root canal in Mt. Kisco, NY and White Plains, NY. Endodontics concerns procedures and studies centered on the tooth interior, also known as the dental pulp. “Laser” endodontics uses new technology, the WaterLase Dentistry ™ laser, to take the pain and fear out of root canals with a simple, high-tech laser procedure.

 So How Does Laser Endodontics Work?

Laser endodontics takes the pain and imprecision out of root canal procedures by applying specialized technology combining air, water, and laser energy to tissues inside the mouth. The procedures use advanced science that gets right down to the molecular makeup of the tooth to provide a high-precision experience and improve dental outcomes.

 How Are Root Canals Performed With WaterLase?

 WaterLase is used both before, during, and after root canal procedures, and can significantly simplify and streamline the overall process. A few uses for lasers in endodontics include:

  • Pre-access tooth preparation
  • Root canal enlargement, debridement, and cleaning
  • Soft tissue and bone incisions
  • Root end preparation for fillings
  • Elimination of infected or dead tissue
  • Post-treatment disinfection

Simplifying the procedure also means shorter recovery times with less need for anesthetic or painkillers. Laser endodontics is a great way to overcome your fear of the dentist and avoid the parts of dental procedures that make you shy away.

Can Your Dentist Use WaterLase for Your Root Canal?

At Advanced Endodontics of Westchester, your endodontists in Mt. Kisco, NY and White Plains, NY already use WaterLase laser procedure. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Kolnick, Dr. Diamond, Dr. Hope, or Dr. Chaudhry by calling our office at (914) 750-4034 for our Mt. Kisco office or (914) 750-4033 for our White Plains office or visit online and we’ll be happy to explain your options for laser treatment and surgery. If your teeth are causing you pain, don’t wait for a more opportune moment. Get in touch today!



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