April 26, 2017

None of us tend to think much about our gums until they start to remind us that they are there. Those reminders typically come in the form of pain, either through the development of gum disease or when the dentist is manipulating them during treatment. No pain is pleasant, yet the type that radiates from the gums can be particularly harsh. The trouble is that if you happen to be experiencing an issue such as gum recession, Dr. Gandhi needs to be able to do something in order to return your gum line to its original position, otherwise you risk seeing your condition worsen.

Typical Gum Recession Treatment

The standard treatment for gum recession is as follows:

  • Loosen your gums away from your teeth by gaining entry through them.
  • Stretch the gums back down to the level of your original gum line.
  • Secure them in place with some form of adhesive.

Typically, gaining entry to loosen your gums means cutting through them, which translates to bleeding, which results in pain, and which ultimately contributes to longer recover times. However, thanks to a new treatment methodology known as the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique®, gum recession can be treated with you feeling almost nothing.

The Advantages of PST™

PST™ works by making a small hole in your gums with an instrument no larger than a standard needed. A second instrument is then interested through this hole, which then gently works to loosen your gums to allow them to be returned to their original position. Because the manipulation involved is so minimal, those who are treated with the Pinhole Surgical Technique® in Garland, TX enjoy unique treatment benefits such as:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Near instantaneous results
  • Reduced recovery times

Yes, it is true that pain that you have felt in the past after visiting the dentist typically is due to having your gums manipulated. So why would choose to have them treated? Because thanks to advanced procedures like PST™, Dr. Gandhi and the rest of our staff at Firewheel Dental Implants and Periodontics are able to deliver effective and powerful treatment that leaves you feeling little to no discomfort. We invite you to put this assertion to the test by contacting us to schedule a consultation so that we can explain the benefits of this procedure even further.



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