February 5, 2018

The team at Knellinger Dental Excellence wants every patient to have excellent periodontal health. To effectively treat gum disease, patients can undergo LANAP® laser gum surgery. This is an FDA-cleared treatment that utilizes a laser to eliminate bacteria within the infected gum tissue. Ultrasonic scalers may also be used to get rid of tartar from teeth roots. There are numerous advantages to be gained from the procedure in addition to having healthier gums free of bacteria.

  1. Less Pain 

In the past, the only way to address periodontal disease was to cut into the tissue using a scalpel. Anesthetic would be used, but there would usually be discomfort afterward. Since a laser is used for LANAP®, there is no cutting, and no stitches are required afterward. This results in a quicker recovery period afterward.

  1. Comparable Price 

With such an advanced dental treatment, many patients worry that the cost will be astronomical. In actuality, it is on par with other gum disease treatments. Additionally, many insurance policies will cover the cost. If your dental coverage would cover the cost for traditional gum surgery, then it should cover the price of LANAP®.

  1. Long-Lasting Results

When you undergo any kind of surgery, you do not want to go through it again any time soon. Luckily, there is a 98 percent success rate for patients who received LANAP®. Patients maintained good gum tissue health for at least five years following the procedure. The main reason why patients maintain such results is that the lasers stimulate jaw bone growth and strengthen the bone tissue instead of weakening it.

Great Results From a Qualified Dentist 

When you need to improve gum tissue health, Dr. Dan Knellinger is the dentist in Tarpon Spring, FL to trust. Our office has decades of experience, so give us a call if you are ready to enhance your teeth and gums.



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