August 16, 2016

Your child will soon be back at school, sorting through the new academic year with lots of daunting challenges and fun experiences. Some ways you can help them succeed this upcoming year are to ensure your child has healthy, great-looking teeth by visiting their dentist regularly and following our 4-point checklist.


1 Brush in the Morning

Brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended. Your child might already brush before bed, but you should also instill the habit of brushing first thing in the morning after they wake up. Morning brushing should be done before breakfast to remove bacteria that can build up on teeth throughout the night.


2 Pack Healthy Lunches

Be conscious of what your child is eating during the day. If you pack a lunch, then you want to make sure you include some kind of fruit or vegetable. You also want to limit sugary snacks, sodas or juices. If your child usually gets a lunch from school, then do some homework and check what they are serving.


3 Ensure Athletes Get Mouth Guards

Playing football, volleyball, baseball or other sports can be a great experience for your child. However, there is always the risk that your child could get hurt, potentially leading to dental damage. Talk to your dentist about getting your child fitted with a custom mouth guard to keep their teeth safe.


4 Look into Orthodontics

Many children in junior high and high school require braces. It is a very common treatment, and you can even talk to your dental professional about Invisalign clear braces for a more discreet option. If your child had braces removed recently, then ask your dentist about using a retainer to maintain their beautiful new smile.


See a Dentist Before School Starts

Before your child goes back to school in Fishers, IN, it is a good idea to schedule a check-up with Dr. E. Dale Behner. A few precautionary practices are all that is needed to give your child a smile he or she will be proud to show off on Picture Day. Contact us at 317-348-3639 to learn more.



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