August 1, 2018

Over the last few decades, laser technology has been used in various health care fields, and dentistry is one of them. Laser dentistry uses a very fine, intense beam of light to perform oral surgeries and dental procedures. This innovation allows patients to enjoy less painful, more comfortable treatments for all types of oral health problems, including gum disease. It also allows for fewer complications during treatment and faster recovery after treatment.

Reduce Swelling and Bleeding

Bleeding and swelling are common to many dental procedures, but there is no need for a scalpel, incision or sutures when a laser is used. While a little swelling many be normal, it is greatly reduced, and bleeding is minimal if any occurs.

Minimal Trauma and Greater Precision

When gum disease is treated with traditional surgery, the surrounding healthy tissue is often damaged or removed to remove the disease tissue. Laser technology allows for more precise treatment, and the laser can pinpoint and identify the difference between healthy and unhealthy gum tissue. This means less trauma to the healthy areas of the mouth and greater precision for the dentist.

Decreased Infection Risk

Because there is no open wound or treatment area, the chances of infection are greatly reduced with laser dentistry. The area is also sterilized by the laser beam in any place it contacts the tissue. This minimizes the spread of bacteria during and after treatment and lessens the chances of post-treatment complications.

Fast Recovery

Because trauma is so greatly reduced at the treatment site with laser dentistry, the area heals faster. This means that your routine is not disrupted, and you can go back to regular life as quickly as possible. After laser treatment for gum disease, some of Dr. Alvarado’s patients go back to work immediately.

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