November 28, 2016

November is Child Safety Protection Month, and Dr. James Lesinski is raising awareness by educating parents on how important good oral health is for the current and future safety of their children. Oral health has been linked to overall physical health, so if you want to help your child have a healthy, disease-free future, scheduling regular dental checkups is an important step toward achieving your goal.

Why Oral Care Is Essential for Children

You may think children don’t need regular oral checkups and care because their baby teeth are just going to fall out and make way for permanent teeth. However, proper childhood oral care sets the stage for adult oral health. Children deserve and need the same quality of dental care that adults receive regularly. Dr. Lesinski is a family dentist, which means that he offers the same level of care to your child that he offers to you.

Benefits of Pediatric Dental Visits

Studies show that children who receive regular dental care are more likely to have healthy teeth as adults. Additional benefits of pediatric dental visits include:

  • Early detection of oral problems
  • Protective treatments, such as sealants and fluoride treatments
  • Oral care education, including proper flossing and brushing
  • Information about childhood habits that may be harmful for teeth, including thumb sucking, sugary foods and drinks
  • Increased comfort and familiarity with the dental office

Are you worried about how your child will respond to dental treatments? Dr. Lesinski is experienced in calming nervous jitters frequently felt by children receiving dental care. He also offers sedation to help patients feel as relaxed as possible.

Take Steps to Safeguard Your Child’s Oral Health Today!

During Child Safety Protection Month, make it your goal to help your child develop healthy oral habits that will last a lifetime. To schedule your family dental appointment, call Complete Health Dentistry during regular operating hours.



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