November 22, 2016

At Naran Family Dentistry, we are concerned about every aspect of your health. That is why we will recommend you treat any instance of gum disease immediately – before it results in additional complications elsewhere in the body. November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and a link may exist between that cancer and periodontal disease.

The Link

Harvard researchers studied over 50,000 subjects in order to determine whether a link was present between poor oral hygiene and pancreatic cancer. After adjusting for numerous factors such as history of smoking, diet and obesity, the researchers found that men with a history of periodontal disease were 64 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than their counterparts. While an association appears to exist, a concrete cause-and-effect relationship between the two still needs to be established. More research is needed, but as of now, the relationship seems to be due to plausible biological mechanisms.

The Importance of Treating Gum Disease

Additional studies have shown that the presence of periodontal disease can also increase an individual’s chances of developing heart disease. It can even have detrimental effects directly in your mouth, including tooth loss and jawbone deterioration. Therefore, it is vital you reduce the presence of harmful bacteria in your mouth so that your entire body can benefit. Brushing and flossing every day can do a lot of good. You also need regular cleanings from a professional dentist at Naran Family Dentistry because our experts have the tools required to give your oral structures a more thorough cleaning. In the event periodontal disease has already formed, you need prompt treatment. Receding gums can be put back into place with the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ while more substantial issues can be treated with laser gum surgery.

Get Healthy With Our Assistance

Dr. Paresh Naran is here to help you in any way we can. Your well-being is our priority, so contact us to schedule a time to visit.



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