May 6, 2017

The possibility of a wisdom tooth extraction is such a common occurrence for teens and young adults that it has become a regular rite of passage. For many young patients, this may be the first time experiencing a surgical procedure. The surgery, which is typically an out-patient procedure, is minor, but the recovery may take a few days. Parents can take advantage of the upcoming summer break by scheduling their child’s wisdom teeth extraction so recovery does not have to interfere with school. Dr. Tana Busch, a dentist in Austin, TX, can guide you and your child through this process. Here are some reasons why it is important to schedule your child’s surgery sooner rather than later.

Avoid Pain

If your dentist has already made the recommendation for wisdom teeth removal, even before the teeth have come in, you should not wait. If the teeth start to surface through the gums, your child could experience mouth and tooth pain that increases in severity over time. They may also push against your child’s other molars, which could shift the alignment of other teeth.

Keep Things Simple

A routine extraction of the third molars is a relatively simple procedure for dentists. Things can get more complicated if these teeth have partially erupted. It can be more challenging as well if the third molars have affected other teeth in your child’s mouth.

Prevent Decay

Crowding that occurs from the emergence of the third molars can have additional negative impacts on your child’s oral health. Teeth that are too close together may be more difficult to floss, which could result in potential cavities or other problems. This could mean root canals, fillings and other dental procedures.

This summer, use the extended break to schedule a routine extraction for your child’s third molars. Contact our office as soon as possible before our surgical appointment schedule fills up for the summer vacation.



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